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The Crazy McGuires

The Crazy McGuires

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Max McGuire claims to have the craziest family that ever existed. This novel follows Max from age five to twenty-nine.


His father Mack is one of the world’s greatest Monet forgers. His mother is a local music teacher and socialite, or as much a socialite as Fair City, Alabama, allows. His sister, a boarding school student, is quite the vixen and the protégé of her mother. Mack’s Miami cousin Tony is an international criminal.


It is Max’s cousin Corky from New Orleans he is in love with. And her mother Lynnette is the craziest of all the McGuires.


And Max? He only wants to go to Harvard, be captain of the rowing and wrestling teams and be in the most elite fraternity.


But when you have a crazy family knee deep in scams and secrets, sometimes one’s goals seem to get further and further away. If you like a zany read about how a person navigates against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, this may be the book for you.

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