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The Mercury Estate

The Mercury Estate

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Twenty-three year old Mark “Mercury” Crews has just lost his father and inherited the family house. He needs money but knows if he ever takes a corporate job, he will be on a work grind and forever lose his chance for the adventurous life he envisions for himself. To complicate matters, his sister suspects he has somehow stolen the missing hundred thousand dollars from their father’s estate.


Then the answer to his problems appears. Merc is accosted by the richest and most beautiful woman in all of Palm Bluffs, Lynn Wellington, to impersonate her reincarnated father in order to steal four million dollars. Romance ensues and soon he finds himself in Quito, Ecuador, at a private bank to access a numbered secret account.


Supposedly, he now has a small fortune in a “Mercury Estate.” However, he’s not sure if he pulled off a great con or if he’s been played. The price to find out if the money is really there could be a very dangerous thing. The closer he gets to the truth the more paranoia preys upon him and the more precarious reality becomes.



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